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Questions for General Exploration & Deep Sea Diving
On January 12, 2007 Mr. David Concannon was interviewed by QuestionsForLiving®.

QFL Interview Question: What are the 3 - 5 primary questions which you routinely ask yourself to maximize the success of an expedition?


  • What is my definition of "success?" Success is not necessarily achieving your objective. On a major expedition, success is defined as trying to reach your objective and returning safely, hopefully after learning something along the way.
  • To determine if something is worth doing, I ask "What will I learn?" and "What experiences will I gain?" After doing something, I ask "What have I learned?" and "What experiences have I gained?" People are the product of their experiences, some of us are rich and some are poor.
  • In deciding whether to do something, I rarely ask "How much will it cost?" or "How long will it take?" These questions are almost never relevant to making my final decision. They only become relevant when I have to choose between two equally interesting opportunities.
  • "Have I spent more money doing stupider things?" If so, I'll do it. If not, I may set a new benchmark for myself.
  • "What are my [client's, children's, spouse's] expectations? I don't like to disappoint people.


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