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QuestionsForLiving interview with Jeline Guiles, February 8, 2013 focuses on her questions as an accomplished rock climber and as the founder of ClimbOnSister. In the interview, Jeline provides questions for accepting personal challenges, growing as an athlete, and serving the climbing community.


QuestionsForLiving: Were there specific questions that you were asking that attracted you to climbing and bouldering? If so, what were some of these questions?

Jeline Guiles: The main question I would ask myself when I first began climbing was

“Can I do it?” And the answer was always, “I should try.”

Whether I failed or succeeded was not important. The fact that I was willing to take the chance and risk embarrassing myself in front of more experienced climbers was enough to prove to myself that I at least had the courage to try.

Once I gained more technique, strength, and endurance, my question switched from

“Can I do it?” to “How far can I push my limits?”

Since then, it feels like anything is possible. I’ve discovered there are no limits that are imposed upon you, just ones you create in your mind.


QFL: Were there specific questions that guided you toward creating your website ClimbOnSister?  If so, what were some of these questions?

Guiles: I wanted to share my passion for climbing with others and at first, I thought Climb On, Sister! would be solely about my experiences and knowledge. The blog took a life of its own and now has contributors from females from all over the climbing community. The questions that ran through my mind were:

  • How can I share my passion with others?
  • What’s the most effective way to do that?
  • What is my audience (target market) looking for?
  • How can I engage my audience and with what type of content?


QFL: Were there specific questions that you asked yourself that enabled, or contributed to, your success in bouldering as the first ever USA Climbing CCS (Collegiate Climbing Series) national champion in the female difficulty division? If so, what were some of these questions?

First off, training for climbing takes a lot of dedication, just like anything in life that you wish to succeed in. I knew this before entering the Collegiate Climbing Series, so I had to ask myself: Can I dedicate enough time to training?

There was also the question of whether or not I had enough energy (mentally and physically) to see the whole season through. Climbing requires a lot of mental focus and tough physical training, so I had to make sure I was ready for that.


QFL: Based on your experiences, are there some specific questions that you would advise people to ask themselves when learning to climb and build skill while maintaining the fun of the sport?

The point of climbing, for me, has always been to have fun. Even if I’m training, I’m constantly asking myself “Are you still having fun?” When you’re not having fun anymore is when you have to take a step back and reassess why you’re still climbing.

Also, while learning to climb, one should always ask themselves “How are other people able to climb harder?” Try to learn from others. In addition, you have to have some form of self-awareness while on the wall (like dancers on a stage), so I think asking yourself the following questions would be beneficial:

  • Do I feel good making these moves and do they flow?
  • What body position works best for that climbing move?
  • Am I being as efficient as I can with my movement?


QFL: Independent of climbing and your development of ClimbOnSister, what questions do you believe that people should / could ask themselves to make our world a happier and healthier place?

Guiles: I believe the following questions should be asked on a daily basis:

  • Have I been kind?
  • Have I been helpful?
  • Am I living/working towards my dream?
  • Did I try my best?

For more information, Jeline Guiles can be contacted at: ClimbOnSister
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