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On November 1, 2006 Jake Gordon and Dana von Louda submitted the following questions to QuestionsForLiving®. For the letter providing the context of the questions, click here.


Questions that ran through our minds that we believe will help improve our lives in the future... 

  • Do our friends and family members know how much we love and appreciate them?
  • Have we done enough for our friends and family members who may not be as fortunate as we are?
  • Do we show our friends and family that we are interested in what they do, what they think, how their lives are going and how they are feeling both physically and emotionally?

  During the actual trek, sometimes, we asked questions like...

  • What the hell are we doing here? It's freezing cold and snowing and we can't breathe because it's above 17,000 feet!
  • Do we really need to have the prospect of death by altitude sickness to be a vital part of our "vacation"?
  • Why didn't we just go to Tahiti?
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