Shoe & Leather Repair

Questions for Leather Repair
On October 20, 2006 Mr. Quici contributed the following questions to QuestionsForLiving.

Questions defining quality & service:

  • How quickly is the customer in need of his/her footwear?

  • Is the shoe worthy of the repair?

  • Is this as good a job as I can give my customer, given what he has asked for? It is not a matter of money; it is more a matter of personal satisfaction.

Questions to determine the scope of the work:

  • Are the uppers made of leather or plastic?

  • Are the bottoms repairable?

  • Are the shoes lines with leather?

  • Are there any better solutions to a problem than indicated by the customer?


Please feel free to contact Mr. Quici:
600 Lancaster Ave.
Berwyn, PA 19312

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