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Questions contributed by Simon Pearce on November 10, 2008

QFL Interview Question: What are the five to ten primary questions which you ask yourself in the design and creation of each item within the Simon Pearce Classic Collection?

Mr. Pearce's answer:

1)   How can I keep my designs as simple as possible?  Maintaining SIMPLICITY during the design process can be the most challenging part but I am convinced that simplicity is what gives my designs the most longevity.
2)   What is this piece intended for and what will its function be?  I like my designs to be FUNCTIONAL. Whatever purpose will be served, the piece needs to work very well for that purpose and endure in that function.
3)   Is the design pleasing to my eye?  The design, which includes the shape, the weight, and the feel has to be PLEASING to my eye and sensibility regardless of other peoples' opinions.
4)   Is each piece a good value?  It is important that the pieces I design are of GOOD VALUE.  Even if something might seem expensive but offers pleasure for a lifetime or longer, then I consider it good value.
5) Am I respecting the material during the design process?  I believe having RESPECT FOR THE MATERIAL is essential because the beauty is as much in the material as it is in how it is shaped.


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