Bike Ride from Alaska to Argentina

On March 14, 2007 Kristin Sullivan contributed the following questions to QuestionsForLiving.

Logistics & Skills:

Can I do this? Do I want to do this?

Should I really bike in Colombia?

How do I approach this?

How in the hell will I ever learn how to change a bottom bracket on a bike?

How can I make my body move like hers?

Managing Expectations:

If I have to end this trip early, how will I feel?

Am I prepared to walk away from unfinished business?

How can I prepare myself in the event that walking away must happen?

Why isn't confetti falling from the sky in Ushuaia, Argentina?


What are my selfish motivations?

Would anyone be adversely affected by my selfish motivations?

Would anyone be better off by me being motivated in a selfish way?

Leading Environmental Change:

What personalities am I dealing with?

Can I talk this Staunch Republican out of being a Staunch Republican?

Is ignorance all that bad? Can it sometimes keep you sane and try things you normally wouldn't try?

Where will I ever find an unbiased news source? Where will I ever find the time to read three or four different news sources in order to find the full, real story of the issues?

Why is history, something that happened in the past, still so subjective and different depending on who witnessed it?

Personal Change:

If I am morphing into a different person in order to deal with a different personality- is that bad or good? Is there a line there?

I may be known as very personable, but is it because I always adjust to everyone else's personalities?

Where is my line that I stop at stay within in my boundaries, who I am and what I believe in?

Questions arising from emotions associated with the extremes:

I've experienced highs so high and lows so low, to live somewhere in the middle seems depressing. How can I understand other people’s depression better?

I struggle with loved ones who deal with depression because of chemical imbalances- how can I find a way to first understand and then free them of the pharma drugs and put them on a high on life. How can that be done?

How can we free ourselves of these false needs/placebos?

How can I understand better that we may need these synthetic medicines and understand when to use and why?


Why does Nag Champa smell so good? Is it just the smell only or the history that comes with it that I don't even know but think it must be interesting and buddhistic?



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