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Questions contributed by Judith Orloff M.D, author of "Emotional Freedom" on June 20, 2009

QuestionsForLiving: What questions were you asking yourself that led to your interest in Positive Energy and Emotional Freedom?

Dr. Orloff: As a psychiatrist I feel passionate about integrating all of my traditional medical knowledge with an awareness of intuition, spirituality and subtle energies to offer patients and readers solutions from all realms. The world is in the midst of an emotional meltdown and we need all the skills possible to help us through so we can stay more centered, peaceful, and empowered. Traditional medicine alone doesn't provide these because it's reference point is only the linear mind. It does not even believe that subtle energies exist which is a travesty for patient care--that's what led me to write Positive Energy. I want to share with readers how to access the realm of subtle energies for health and well being. The questions I ask myself is "How can I help others heal with all the knowledge that is possible? How can I be a model for someone who embodies intuition and traditional science to show that is possible to bridge both worlds? How can I convey that the answer to everything is to access the energy of the heart in deeper and deeper ways? 

QFL: What were the primary questions that you asked yourself when writing Emotional Freedom?

Dr. Orloff: When writing Emotional Freedom, I want to give readers tools to deal with their emotions throughout a lifetime so they don't go under with negativity and adversity. I write Emotional Freedom as a life-long guide for readers to refer to again and again no matter what they are going through. The book lets you define your emotional type so you know how to make the most of it. It describes emotional vampires, draining people, and how to combat them. The second half of the book "Your Tools for Liberation" goes through each difficult emotion in different chapters and how to tranform them. For instance, Transform Fear with Courage, Transform Frustration with Patience, Transform Anger with Compassion and many more. In my traditional medical training I wasn't taught how to transform emotions--rather how to get rid of difficult emotions by understanding their roots or medicating them. Emotional Freedom helps relieve suffering and helps readers to feel better by showing them how to be masters at transforming the difficult emotions that come their way. It is a book about life mastery and a being in service to the heart. 

QFL: What are three to five primary questions that you would suggest an individual ask him/herself to better experience emotional freedom?

Dr. Orloff:

  • Are you able to tune into your intuition for solutions as well as listen to your mind?
  • Are you able to be compassionate with yourself, instead of beating yourself up at any opportunity?
  • Are you able to see the lightness of being in the world instead of always being intense and pushing to achieve? 
  • Are you able to laugh and love and value the love around you? 
  • Are you able to see all of humankind as brother and sisters, connected by being human, connected as one human family?
  • Are you able to celebrate small baby steps of progress with emotional freedom and celebrate the victory of positive steps forward to a freer life? 


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