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The Omega Institute - Questions for Vision & Growth
Questions contributed by Stephan Rechtschaffen M.D. on May 15, 2009

QuestionsForLiving: What where your primary questions for envisioning and creating the Omega Institute?

How could we create a model way for people to be in community with the earth and more connected with each other and themselves?

As technology has progressed, we see more of an information based society and there is a growing lack of wisdom, so I asked, "How can we create more of a wisdom based culture as we move towards a more information based culture?"

- As a medical doctor, I see people that are becoming more stressed. Therefore, I started asking myself "How can we provide education and training to model a more healthy and mindful lifestyle?"

Early on, we viewed the Omega Institute not as a place for people to have their questions answered, but as a place to have their answers questioned.

QuestionsForLiving: What are the Questions that you asked to create an environment conducive for personal transformation and growth?

My belief is that when people look at the degradation of our lifestyle, we are no longer in harmony with nature and our surroundings, so to address this we ask, "How can we create an environment that is nurturing for ourselves and also nurturing for the environment as a co-creative process?"

How can we create an environment where the values of holism, integrity, and sustainability come to the forefront?

QuestionsForLiving: What are the primary questions that you have asked over the past 30+ years that has enabled the success, growth and quality of the Omega Institute?

- What truly nourishes the inner spirit of people? I have always considered the Omega Institute an oasis in a spiritual desert.

- How can we nurture people's body, heart, and soul? One needs to go deeper than skin level to answer the bigger questions such as "Where do we find fulfillment?" and "What is our purpose in life?" For Omega Institute, we ask ourselves "How can we serve people by providing them an environment to help them answer those questions?"


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