Questions for Curiosity - Questions contributed by Todd Kashdan, Ph.D. on June 11, 2009

QFL Interview Question: What questions were you asking yourself that lead to your study and interest in the topic of curiosity?


  • How can we best handle the unpredictably and uncertainty of our daily lives?
  • Knowing that each of us is going to live substantially longer than our parents and grandparents, how can we not just live longer, but also live better?
  • How can we create interesting, engaging, and energizing conversations with people who are outside of our group of friends, family, and lovers?
  • How can we engage and enliven  the conversations and relationships with people who we are familiar with and who we think that we already know everything about?
  • What is the process that kick-starts the creation of meaning and purpose in life? (This question links with the work of Viktor Frankl).

QFL: What questions would you suggest that someone ask to heighten their sense of curiosity  during daily / routine activities?


  • How does this activity,  in any way, connect to my deepest desires for how I want to interact with the world, other people, and myself?
  • What core values and meaningful goals do I have that are consistent with doing this very simple act?
  • What is novel about what I am doing at this exact moment that is different from what I have done at any other time?
  • What strengths can I use to breathe life into what I am presently doing?
  • How can I be profoundly aware of what I am doing, instead of being trapped inside my mind?

QFL: What questions can an individual can ask to heighten, and maintain, his/her level of curiosity throughout his/her life?


  • If you could wave a magic wand and have all the approval and admiration of everyone you know, or ever will, what then would you choose to do with your life?
  • How can I create new opportunities to use my strengths and act on what interests me?
  • What can I learn from moments that have made me feel uncomfortable, anxious, and in pain?
  • What I am not doing because I do not want to feel uncomfortable, anxious, or uncertain?

Think back to the last four positive events of your life that began with an uncertain, unknown outcome. Meditate on this. What can we learn from these past events to help us embrace rather than avoid the natural tension that arises in our daily navigations?


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