Steven Callahan's questions for surviving 76 days at sea
Questions contributed by Steven Callahan December, 2004
Steven Callahan's complete letter

I would ask myself each day, "Which of the elements most critical to my physical survival needed the most attention: water, food, or raft?"

Did I have the maximum amount of water stored; had I caught enough food for a couple/few days; had the raft developed any small problems that might become larger ones?

What specifically are the most basic elements of the problem that I am currently facing, and what among my limited resources would address that specific need?

Why was I such a failure, How can I do better at relationships; how can I be more responsible financially?

How can I be a better person, to be of more help to others, to be a willing participant in my society?

Why is it that the fish learned the range of my spear gun within 24 hours, and teasingly skirted around the raft just outside of that range, but as my voyage lengthens, they bump the bottom of the raft, and get close enough so that I can jab my spear into them, and even at times let me touch them as they swim by?

What is the worst-case scenario if I do this?

What are the beneficial elements of what is happening right now?

Am I doing the best I can?



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