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Questions for Optimal Health - Dr. Weil contributed the following questions to QuestionsForLiving® on January 16, 2009.

QFL: What are the 3-5 primary questions that an individual should ask him/herself in defining their goals to achieve optimal health?

Dr. Weil:
1. What is my primary source of stress, and am I managing stress effectively?

Learning, and regularly practicing, stress management techniques can help offset the negative health consequences of day-to-day stress. Simply identifying the main contributors can provide a sense of control over our circumstances. Healthy options include breathing exercises, physical activity, meditation and listening to soothing music.

2. Do I have a healthy balance of diet and exercise?

Follow an anti-inflammatory diet (for more information visit http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART02012/anti-inflammatory-diet) and participate in regular fitness activities 5 days a week to promote optimal health.

3. What makes me truly happy?

An honest answer to this question addresses the sense of meaning, satisfaction, and purpose in our lives. If our actions and efforts are aligned with our passions we are more likely to be happy, content, and at peace.

4. Are my relationships (with family, work, friends, the environment, and myself) in balance?

Meaningful relationships support physical health in addition to emotional and spiritual well-being. Developing and sustaining strong social ties and deep friendships requires a consistent investment of time and energy but the dividends reaped are invaluable.

5. Could I benefit from using vitamins and supplements?

The best way to obtain the nutrients required for optimal health is to adhere to a healthy diet, but many of us don't eat as we should or get all we need from our food. While it should not be used as a substitute for good nutrition, a daily multivitamin can offer some insurance against inadequate nutrient intake, and supplements such as fish oils and vitamin D can provide additional health benefits.


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