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Questions contributed by Martha Webb on January 21, 2009

QFL: What are the most important questions that a person should ask for finding a home?

Webb: The emotion that drives one to purchase a house is frequently created by a bigger concept than the concept of the actual house itself. Many buyers use a specific criteria based on their perceived needs, rather than considering the purpose of the house in helping the buyer achieve his/her desired life changes.

Often, buying a house is seen as one more thing to accomplish from a long list of to-dos. The purchaser who is responding to whatever life situation they are in may not realize how the house itself can actually support the buyer in obtaining his/her overall objectives.

By asking the two following questions, the house becomes part of the solution and a tool for supporting life changes.

  • What are the ways in which a future living-space can enhance my life?
  • How can living in a space, in a certain way, enhance my life?

To answer the above questions, one may need to "step out" of their current house or life-situation to gain a clearer perspective of what they are truly seeking. To do this, ask the following questions:

  • What were things that I loved about the house(s) in which I have previously lived?
  • What were things that I did not like or would have changed about the house(s) in which I have previously lived?


Note: When experiencing the strong emotions associated with moving or purchasing a house, it is hard to put on the brakes to ask the necessary questions. However, it is in these times of emotion that the questions become most important and relevant. The underlying reason for asking the questions is to get out of the emotional state that is driving impulse to buy and to see how a new house can aid in achieving one's intended life changes.


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