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Questions For Sales Performance: On October 23, 2006 Mr. Thomas Freese submitted the following questions to QuestionsForLiving®.


  • I wonder why  [business issue]  might be important to this customer?

Most people who share information, only share fractionally. So, customers say things like, "I am concerned about quality."   That's a valuable piece of information. But, it doesn't give you enough insight into what exactly are they concerned about.

  • I wonder who else this decision might affect and how it might impact them?


  • How can I touch more people with the effort I am currently expending?


  • What (specifically) am I doing to differentiate myself from competitors, or within my own company?


  • What can I learn each day from each and every mistake I make?


  • Do I have to do something the same way, just because that's the way it happened yesterday?


  • What (if anything) might be humorous about this situation?


  • When people look back twenty years from now, what will I they think of me?


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