Deep Survival

Questions for Deep Survival

On December 19, 2007 Mr. Laurence Gonzales was interviewed by QuestionsForLiving®.

QFL: What are the most useful questions that an individual should ask in a survival situation?

Mr. Gonzales:

  1. What is your motivation for getting back to life? People who are socially connected have a better chance of survival. People tend to do it for something other than themselves.
  2. Why bother surviving? What is the point? It is necessary to cultivate a deep sense of purpose and personal connection.
  3. Where is the beauty now? There is always beauty and it is important to be open to it. Being aware of the beauty helps develop the sense of purpose and makes one aware of their surroundings. It is possible that being aware of the beauty also helps the brain relax and respond better to the changing circumstances.

QFL: What were the primary questions which you asked yourself when writing Deep Survival?

Mr. Gonzales: Deep Survival represents a life time of trying to learn about survival situations. Two specific questions considered in the writing of Deep Survival were:

  1. Why smart people do stupid things? This is an analysis of how accidents happen. Accidents need to be assembled and are a result of many variables working in tandem.
  2. Why do some people survive and some people die, when they both have the same chance of survival?


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