Solar Roadways

On May 11th, 2011 Scott Brusaw contributed the following questions in an interview with QuestionsForLiving®. This interview focuses on Solar Roadways, and the concept of creating roads capable of generating electricity from the power of the sun.

QuestionsForLiving: What were the primary questions that you were asking yourself that led you to the idea of a Solar Roadways?

Brusaw: The initial question was, "What can we do to eliminate the greenhouse gases that are causing Global Warming?" We learned that about 50% of greenhouse gases come from burning coal to make electricity and another 25% comes from our exhaust pipes. Eliminating the need for coal and making EVs practical (eliminating the need for internal combustion engines) could solve 75% of the problem.

QFL: Are there certain fundamental / core questions that you have asked yourself over the course of your life that contributed to your interest in engineering and pursuit of creating Solar Roadway?

Brusaw: I've always been extremely interested in how everything works - I'm sure that's why I became an engineer. I've dreamed of electric roads since I was a kid. I thought that, if roads were electric like my slot car track, kids could drive and relieve our parents of that awesome responsibility! 

QFL: What questions would you advise others ask themselves to best harness their abilities to innovate, and create new solutions or technologies?

Brusaw: What is your gift? Not necessarily your skill sets, but what is your core gift? I long thought that my gift was all things electric (I'm a EE), but that doesn't really go deep enough. My real gift is understanding how things work: it doesn't really matter if it's electrical or mechanical. Understanding what your true gift is can allow you to go a long way in innovation.

QFL: What are some primary questions would you advise others to ask themselves that if asked regularly would contribute to making the world a happier and healthier place?

Brusaw: At what point does the "bottom-line" justify wrecking our planet or taking people's livelihoods away? 

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