QuestionsForLiving Guidelines

To make QuestionsForLiving a strong and educational community, please:

  1. Have fun.
  2. Be kind.
  3. Be generous in sharing questions and knowledge.
  4. Learn from the other thought-leader's questions and experiences.
  5. Invite other people, whose opinions you admire, to participate in QuestionsForLiving.
  6. Contribute questions based on the area(s) in which you have the greatest knowledge, experience and success.
  7. Maintain the focus on creating, sharing and improving questions.
  8. Please note the content presented is not necessarily representative of QuestionsForLiving.
  9. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the individual posting the content and QuestionsForLiving, all content posted to QuestionsForLiving after September 24, 2010 is copyrighted by QuestionsForLiving. 
  10. Each participant is responsible for his/her own content and pages.
  11. QuestionsForLiving, reserves the right, based on its own discretion, to cancel an individual's membership and remove his/her content to protect the concept and quality of the site.
  12. Although the questions posted are intended to be best in class, the reader assumes full responsibility for the results obtained through the application of the questions presented. 

Questions for members to ask themselves for creating a positive QuestionsForLiving community:

  1. Will my contribution and content help improve my creative capacity, and that of the other members participating in QuestionsForLiving?
  2. How can I apply the questions of the other thought-leaders to improve the quality of my life and of the planet as a whole?
  3. Who should I invite to participate in QuestionsForLiving's community?


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