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Brett Fitzgerald's QuestionsForLiving interview highlights Brett's questions as a mountain guide and co-founder of Northeast Mountaineering.


QuestionsForLiving: What are your primary questions for leading/ guiding a successful expedition? 

Fitzgerald: The single most important question that you need to consider when planning  for an expedition is, "What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team?" By thoroughly answering this question and being honest with your answer, you can make smart decisions regarding necessary gear, selecting your intended climbing route, setting expectations and establishing a foundation for success rather than getting in too deep and failing. Proper preparation is vital to any successful expedition and understanding the team dynamic is incredibly important. 


QFL: Where there any questions that you were asking yourself that lead you toward a career as a mountain / climbing guide? If so, what were some of your questions?

Fitzgerald: When you decide to pursue mountain guiding as a profession you must understand that it is purely a lifestyle choice. Having the ability and freedom to spend every day outside, interacting with others and nature, is an incredible opportunity. I am often complimented by clients, "Not a bad gig to have, huh?" Of course my response is, "I never feel like I am working, I am the luckiest man alive." To me, that is more important than having a huge bank account. You won't get rich from guiding but it sure beats a lot of alternatives! 


QFL: What questions do you feel people could / should ask themselves to make this world a happier and healthier place?

Fitzgerald: I think it is incredible overwhelming to think of ways to change the world. There are so many different aspects to life and varying ways that people perceive the world, that to truly understand and connect with everyone is nearly impossible. However, it is far more easily grasped if you think of it this way. If the individuals that make up the whole world take responsibility for their actions and decisions and accept the consequences of those actions, then the whole world will benefit from the collective effort of each individual. Therefore, I would urge everyone to honestly ask themselves, "What can I do to make myself truly happy?" This could relate to your family life, occupation, entertainment, or anything else. If you can identify true happiness and pursue it without hesitation then the world on an individualized level will be a better place. The sum of individual happiness will benefit the world at large. I believe that everyone deserves that, to be happy.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my insight! Now, come climb with us! LOL

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Great Post!

Jeline Guiles's picture

My favorite line from this post was "You won't get rich from guiding but it sure beats a lot of alternatives!"

It's so true. You may not be rich monetarily, but when you're doing what you love, you don't feel like you need more, and in turn, you feel like you struck the lottery! 

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