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Questions for The Swell Voyage

Questions contributed by Liz Clark on  April 13, 2009

QFL: What are the three - five primary questions that you asked yourself that contributed to your decision to sail around the world? 

Liz: When the opportunity came my way, I wasn't sure I could actually do it, but I decided that I would regret it more if I never tried than if I tried and failed. And when looking at my other options I asked myself: 1. What do I value in life? Adventure, nature, surfing, and family. So I thought, 2. How can I have many of these values in my life at one time? By sailing around the world I can have the first three all the time, and make the time that I do spend with my family really special. Then I thought, okay, I want to do this, 3. But are the risks manageable?

 QFL: What are the three - five primary questions that you asked yourself that led to the success of your voyage?

Liz: I asked myself: 1. How can I make this boat function to my strengths and desires? What else can I do to prepare myself and the boat for dangerous situations? 2. How can I turn my passion for writing and adventuring into a commodity that can help support my travels? And 3. Is everything tied down on deck? And finally before I make any big decisions, I ask myself, 4. Is this really what I want to do? Am I going with my 'gut' or my instinct and not basing this decision on outside influences?

QFL: What are the three to five primary questions that you ask before, during, or after surfing that have contributed to your success and enjoyment with the sport?

Liz: 1. What's the tide doing? Just kidding, but yeah it's good to find out about the local tide, current, swell angle, etc. because they certainly affect your surfing enjoyment! Surfing is my passion for many reasons-it's a source of exercise and immersion in nature, it's physically challenging, and artistically expressive. It drives me to want to progress at all the time. I often ask myself 1. What can I learn/focus on in today's conditions? 2. Is this fun?! 3. What could I have done better on that wave? 4. And what can I do for my body out of the water to benefit my surfing?


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